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Lifestyle is the way we live.  So lifestyle design with Tiskr is creating the life you want. Tiskr helps you figure out what’s important to you and provides easy steps to help you be the architect of your unique lifestyle. Tiskr works by utilizing  habit formation, motivation, peer support, life coaching, and what works for you.  In my previous post, I explained that lifestyle design is about creating routines and habits.  Our goal at Tiskr is to help you be happier by motivating you to stop wasting time, getting rid of  negative habits, thwarting self-sabotaging behaviors in order to get what you really want out of life.   Whether it’s a new job, being social, getting into volunteering, family time, etc., Tiskr helps you make the most out of what you truly want out of life. It starts with identifying what you want and helps you stay on track to meet these goals. Stop spending time on things that are not in line with your lifestyle design.


Next, I will be giving you tips and strategies to get you started on creating the lifestyle you want and deserve! But, for now….you can take the biggest step in designing your ideal lifestyle by signing up for Tiskr beta!

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