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Have you ever wanted to do something but never find the time because it just is too much to get started?  Let me tell you about something that is life changing…..They’re called micro habits.  Micro habits are so cool.  They’re barely a habit.  I like to think of them as things that I can barely invest in but see progress on. It’s like little victories after doing something for as little as a minute. The major thing about micro habits is that you can stack a bunch of them together and create a routine that is maintainable.


Think about something as easy as when you get home, you wash your hands when you walk in the door.  What micro habit can you add to that to chain them together?  Well after my hands are clean, I will eat a fruit, now I have chained a two habits together.  Now after that I will put my things away from work and get prepare to start my evening.


The thing about micro habits is that you need to set the bar low.  Not because you can’t do wonders, but if you set the bar too high you will never turn a micro habit into a habit that sticks.  I like to think of micro habits as dailies, like something I do most days or at least week days each day to better myself.  The goal is to get it a point where you just do it out of habit.  When you get into a routine of doing a list of micro habits then you are actually turning something that you started with just one simple behavior into a chain reaction of productivity.  


What micro habit can you start today that you would be excited about the results in a month?

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