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Have you ever caught yourself wasting lots of time doing things that fall low on the importance scale? Many of us are guilty of neglecting the things that are higher of importance but making time for the things that aren’t so much. There never seems to be enough time in our days and the clock then becomes the enemy for many of us. We need to find a healthy balance in order to accomplish the things that we need to get done yet still have that extra time for those not so important things that we enjoy.  

Lately, I’ve noticed that I have been spending way entirely too much time browsing social media and binge watching my favorite Netflix shows. I would let these things pretty much consume most of my days. Often, I would start to become overwhelmed due to letting my tasks pile up and allowing myself to get behind on those tasks. Although it’s still important to make time for yourself and do things that you enjoy, there needs to be boundaries and limitations. Continuing to replace high prioritized things with things that aren’t as important will only result in negative outcomes. Instead, learn to replace bad habits, with good, positive ones. Come up with a plan on how you would like to spend your time. Next, figure out how much time you wish to spend on certain things so that you can map out a time frame. Then, make sure to stick with the plan. Focus on making changes today so that you don’t have to feel like you are wasting a bunch of time instead of completing tasks that truly are most important to you. 

Luckily, with Tiskr, I can track where all of my time is going. Tiskr is the only lifestyle design platform that can help you track what is most important to you. Whether it’s your time, your goals, your positive habits, or the changes that you need to make today, Tiskr will guide you towards the lifestyle in which you desire. The time is ticking! What are you waiting for? Sign up for Tiskr today!

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