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It seems like every year in January, gym membership sales spike. Everyone wants to change something and be a better version of themselves going into the new year. You look back on the year and set up resolutions. The first week of the new year you are excited and motivated. Then, you start to lose the self motivation and you skip one day, then two, then eventually you are back to where you started come February. This cycle doesn’t necessarily happen to everyone but it happens to many of us.

It is important to set and keep these resolutions each year. Your new year resolutions are goals that you feel will help you become a better you once accomplished. I confess, I have never completed a New Year’s resolution. For many years I lacked the motivation and desire to read fiction. I would always set a resolution to read one fiction book for that year but would never follow through with it. December would come around and I wouldn’t even have a book picked out yet and then I would reset the resolution again on January 1st. Today, I have set up my time and lifestyle to where I can accomplish far more in a year than I ever have.

You do not have to wait until January first to set up your goals for the new year. There’s no better time than right now to start. You can track your resolutions with Tiskr anytime of the year! With Tiskr stats, you can see where you are in a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime. Any lifestyle change that you need to make will be one that lasts and puts you on the path to the lifestyle design you created.

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