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          Many of us have developed bad habits over a course of time. Some of us let our bad habits

outweigh the good ones resulting in stress, failure, incompletion, and/or unhappiness. It is

important to acknowledge the bad habits that we have and work towards replacing them with

good habits. Take a moment to sit back and visualize the kind of future that you want. Then,

imagine how your life will be if you continue to hold on to these bad habits, letting them

interfere with your success.    

          There’s a few bad habits that I have developed that really start to weigh me down. One

being putting things off until the last minute then trying to frantically rush to get that task done.

When I procrastinate, my stress levels begin to rise. I know that I need get rid of this bad habit

and work on ways to reduce my procrastination. Overeating and constantly snacking on unhealthy

snacks throughout the day is another bad habit of mine. I have health and fitness goals but I need

to put those ideas into action and start doing.    

             Thankfully with Tiskr, I can say goodbye to my bad habits and say hello to good habits. Tiskr

can help me keep track of my good habits, help create small, positive habits that have large impact,

and help create a plan to get me on the right path towards my goals and the version of myself that

I’m looking to be.

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