Is your life full of clutter?

  Hey guys! Check out this video describing “The Jar of Life.” This concept is a great way to start thinking about your lifestyle design…   Minimalist author, Joshua Becker, says it best: “The first step in crafting the life … Continue Reading

What is lifestyle design?

Lifestyle is the way we live.  So lifestyle design with Tiskr is creating the life you want. Tiskr helps you figure out what’s important to you and provides easy steps to help you be the architect of your unique lifestyle. … Continue Reading

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” -Carl Jung

Welcome to Lifestyle Design with Tiskr

  Have you ever thought about how much time you waste in a day? A week? Or even in a year? Whether it’s forgetting why you started, being stressed out, working too much, or going out every night, there’s always … Continue Reading