Goodbye bad habits, hello good habits

                        Many of us have developed bad habits over a course of time. Some of us let our bad habits outweigh the good ones resulting in stress, failure, incompletion, … Continue Reading

Say Goodbye To Wasted Time

  Have you ever caught yourself wasting lots of time doing things that fall low on the importance scale? Many of us are guilty of neglecting the things that are higher of importance but making time for the things that … Continue Reading

A New Semester Means New Goals

  Starting up a new semester in college with new classes can be nerve wrecking. In fact, it can become so nerve wrecking that a good percentage of people drop out from their courses before the semester ends. I, myself, … Continue Reading

A New Year Means New Beginnings.

            Going into a New Year is always so special. It’s a fresh start to experience new things. A new year brings new beginnings, opportunities, possibilities, challenges, and more. Knowing that I have a brand … Continue Reading

Have You Ever Completed A New Year Resolution?

  It seems like every year in January, gym membership sales spike. Everyone wants to change something and be a better version of themselves going into the new year. You look back on the year and set up resolutions. The … Continue Reading

Singing In The Shower

            How you start your day sets the tone for your entire day.  There is a reason that people say “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”  It is because the way your … Continue Reading

Life Is A Journey

  Life is a Journey…   What it is not is a destination.  The fastest way to get to the life you want is to create a lifestyle design and enjoy the journey you take to get there.  Why wait … Continue Reading

What do you want to change?

    What do you want to change?   That is the most important question when it comes to thinking about what your ideal lifestyle is. When making lifestyle design decisions, you have to examine what exactly it is that … Continue Reading

Setting yourself up for failure is a losing game

  Changing habits can be really hard!  The number one reason for why we find adding or breaking habits so difficult is…because most people try to do too much.  Changing a habit becomes much easier when you change one part … Continue Reading

Stacking habits

Have you ever wanted to do something but never find the time because it just is too much to get started?  Let me tell you about something that is life changing…..They’re called micro habits.  Micro habits are so cool.  They’re … Continue Reading