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          Going into a New Year is always so special. It’s a fresh start to experience new things. A new year brings new beginnings, opportunities, possibilities, challenges, and more. Knowing that I have a brand new year to do things differently is a sigh of relief to me. The new year gives us a clean slate to end bad habits and pick up on some new, good habits.

          Now that I have a fresh year ahead of myself, I took the time to think about things that I wish to improve over the next 300-something days. For starters, I want to rid my procrastination. I’ve always been the type of person who would push things off to later or tell myself I’ll do it some other day. After constantly pushing things off, I would end up accomplishing nothing. Although I chose to procrastinate, it wasn’t a good feeling knowing that I accomplished absolutely nothing. It would often cause me to feel “stuck” in life. 2018 is the year to stomp procrastination to the ground!

          I also want to stop making excuses and learn to stay motivated so that I can reach all of my goals. Making goals is easy but making excuses as to why I can’t accomplish them is even easier. This year I plan on building up my willpower in order to get things done. There’s no more room for excuses in 2018. I’m going to keep my “why” in the back of my head to help me stay motivated. Why did I set this goal in the first place? Why is it important for me to reach this goal? The answer(s) to these questions will be a good enough reason for me to push through until my desired goals are completed.

          To help me design, plan, and track my 2018 goals, I am using Tiskr to help me become a better version of myself not just this year but for the future years to come.  With Tiskr, I can set my goals, design my ideal lifestyle, and utilize the tools and coaching to help me get to where I want to be in life. It will also help me remain focused, track my time, track my positive habits, and keep me organized which is all important for my success. 2018, I’m ready for you!

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