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Starting up a new semester in college with new classes can be nerve wrecking. In fact, it can become so nerve wrecking that a good percentage of people drop out from their courses before the semester ends. I, myself, and guilty of this. A lot of us find it extremely difficult to balance out school, work, family, and our social lives. We then tend to think that giving up is the “best” option. In the past, I’ve struggled numerous of times with trying to figure out a nice, healthy balance for everything in my life.

This year, I decided to give school another shot. Going to school and getting a degree has always been a huge goal of mine. I have realized that there are things that I need to do differently in order to be successful this go around. For starters, I knew that I needed to drop some bad habits that I have developed and pick up on new, good habits. Over the years I have let doubt and procrastination run the show. These bad habits resulted in me accomplishing very little. Second, I knew that I needed to manage my time better than I have in the past. I needed to map out realistic time frames in order for me to find that balance that I was missing in prior years. Lastly, I knew that I needed to become a much more organized person. Staying organized is crucial when it comes to school and success.

Getting back into school doesn’t have to be so nerve wrecking anymore! With Tiskr, I can stay on top of my goals and explore exactly what I want out of life. Tiskr can help us all find that balance that we must have. Whether it’s your time, your goals, or the changes that you need to make today, Tiskr will help you move toward the lifestyle in which you desire that’s designed by you.   


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