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Why You’ll Love Tiskr

Tiskr is a lifestyle design app that utilizes your goals, empirically based methods, habit formation research and statistics to drive your personal and professional self-improvement.

Powerful Features

At Tiskr, we are pushing the limit on features that you love and love to use!

Exquisite Design

Designed from the ground up to make use quick and easy.

Life Coach Advice

Advice and support provided by experts in lifestyle design.

Track your Progress

See where your time is going and decide what to do next.

Social Integration

Choose to connect and share with the Tiskr community or other social networks.

Packed with Features

Tiskr has something for everyone.

Thriving Community

Great support from a great and growing community.

AI-Driven Mentorship

Let our research, data, and AI,  show you the best path to reach your goals.

Driven by you

Choose your goals, based on your lifestyle and let Tiskr do the rest.

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